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LOZ Flash Mini Quest LOZ Flash Mini Quest

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty decent!

Not too bad, but a couple flaws keep it from being excellent: First of all, there are some awful hitTest problems! :O This includes walls and plants and stuff (I had a heck of a time trying to get into that house that was blocked by 4 shrubs). Also, the sword animation is off-center from the rest of it. Simply moving that animation more into the middle of the movieclip, where the idle/walking link is, would fix that problem. Lastly, there is no reaction from Link, other than a gasp, when you are it by an enemy. Making link fly backwards a bit after being hit would help that a lot. In all, a pretty decent game! I can't wait for version 1.1 or even a second installment :)

Land of the Fishies #1 Land of the Fishies #1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it!

Surprisingly polished, with fluid animations. Great music! Not a bad art style! I wish the guitar part at the beginning had a couple more notes to make it a bit harder, but great job!

Effective Attack Effective Attack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Evilly difficult! I could barely even get past the third level! D: Lots of polish, great hit tests and an awesome idea make this game amazing even if it does drive me insane! Wonderful job... I'm truly impressed!

Blop-a-gotchi V5 Blop-a-gotchi V5

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Version 5?

It's really hard to believe there is already a fifth version of this game. The tutorial is horrible and doesn't make any sense, seeing as you never have to press space during the game, although the tutorial says you have to do. The tutorial also doesn't teach us anything at all. Also, why do you have to use the arrow keys and space on the main menu and the mouse on everything else? It just doesn't make sense. The text is hard to read and there's no indication of what anything does. There's really no challenge and it doesn't seem like your character does anything at all. I appreciate the effort, and I'd like to see a version of this game where everything makes sense :P Let me know once it's been improved! :)

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up-a-notch responds:

umm there is no tutorial...that piece of text just means how to use the menu!

The Simpsons Trivia v1.5 The Simpsons Trivia v1.5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Not only is disabling the right click a great decision, but your questions are excellent and the comments at the end are great. You can actually spell (unlike some of the Simpsons' quizzes out there). Excellent job! The only downside would be that sometimes the text is a little difficult to read.

Simpsons Quiz Simpsons Quiz

Rated 0 / 5 stars


What I would like to know is why you ask how many spikes Lisa has on her hair and have a picture of Lisa right beside it with 8 spikes and yet YOUR answer is 9? And Little Santa Claus Helper? Please. Also, Lenny, Carl, Moe and Barney could all be considered Homer's friends, and his "best" friend is never defined (although Barney was a good friend of his in college). The question where you ask "What Lisa Like's The Most" is very vague, as she likes all those things.

The text is hard to read and you obviously put no time into this "quiz". Absolutely terrible.

Staulkir Staulkir

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Another review!!!

Oreanta's review is on like Donkey Kong (or it WOULD be if Nintendo hadn't coined the phrase...)

After reading many of your comments and admiring your frequent use of the "XD" and ":P" emoticons (as I, too, often to), I decided that I should write you an honest review. The game itself is much better than most of the rat crap people put on here. Sadly, that's not really saying too much! :O

The real challenge in this game comes mostly from terrible hit tests and a difficult-to-execute jump maneuvre (I was running and jumping at the same time on the "long jump" level and it never seemed to work). Also, every level should start off with the player on a solid platform (some of yours move right from the start!). Also, a player should stick to a moving platform and not have to move with it (this might involve some tricky actionscript, however).

On the bright side, I like the comments you have after each level (you should make them easier to read, though XD ). The scrolling background is nice, but sometimes very confusing and distracting :S. I'd really like to see you try and make your own graphics!

What I say to many game programmers is that you should find a genre that you feel you can build on and try something unique and fun within that. A uniqueness like that makes you much more distinguishable from other game developers who simply do what everyone else is doing because it is easier. I really hope you discover what you can do to improve your favorite genre... I'd like to see what you can do!

-Oreanta :)

Faceacerawr responds:

My best review to DATE! Thank. You. XD... Lol, thanks for complimenting my game [sorta].
Solid platforms for starting on? Yeah, you're absolutely right. I just had a bit of... let's say difficulty. Yes, difficulty working with the small space I had [which will be remedied with sidescrollerness in my next game that I have yet to work on... :c] I really wish I could fix the hitTests and junk. Needless to say I am a complete NOOB at flash game making. I probably should have made a shitty flash about some parody on Justin Bieber [that was my first idea... god, I hate that little kid]. You like my comments? I wrote them just for your amusement. :3 SWEARSIES ;] . Sticking to moving platforms? Actually, that doesn't sound as hard as you think to script... but I'll definitely run into errors being the forgetful actionscript noob that I dislike being... teehee.
I should find a Genre, eh? Honestly, I have no clue. I'm really into [I LOVVVVE] platformers so I'm hoping to get better at making them. If you have any tips I would LOVE to hear them. That's the lifeblood of my games. Without useful reviews like this I tend to make the hardest [and probably most badly scripted games] ever. For instance, those gems. Fail. No idea how to actionscript them anymore than going into that lovely made box.
Oh oh, yes, PM me some tips. I would love to keep making platformers and make it my niche!
And thank you, OH THANK YOU, for making a useful review. I can see you actually played the game and noticed some things I failed on. I love you for that. <3

Mister Fairytale Mister Fairytale

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Haha :)

This was great! It was really funny and the "directory" was a nice touch. I especially liked the "give them the finger" option. Great game! For Mister Fairytale 2, which I would love to see, maybe you could add even more choices and easier to read text? You should also pick an attractive menu/selection system that is relative to the cartoony, silly style of the game. Great job!

The Temple Treasure The Temple Treasure

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Ahhh! I'm sorry to say that this game has terrible design flaws and I must ask why you even uploaded this in the first place! It's obviously far from finished. First of all, there is no respawn after you fall, something that is very easy to add and also very important. The hit tests are pretty brutal, and in some of the tighter spaces it's impossible to jump to higher platforms because your character doesn't move left and right after hitting the ceiling. Also, your moving "obstacle" kills you if you hit it's side, which can become terribly frustrating. There is only one level and this is obviously more of an engine than an actual game. I do like your character, however :P Good luck improving it... there's certainly a lot to do :)

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pipimen responds:

i now put on a new version.
you can replay at end and it is with 3 levels.
i am not such good with designs but at least it is a stile.
the obstacle have to be frustrating.
and thanks that you like my character :)

Doooors Doooors

Rated 5 / 5 stars


If you read my review for Bulletsss, then you will know that I am a huge fan of your work! Your visual style, your gameplay mechanics, your puzzles, your physics.... everything about this game is amazing! But I forgot how to restart a level if I get stuck, other than dying, if there is one. I was button mashing for a while and nothing happened! :P Excellent nonetheless. It's a shame this didn't win any awards, and it definitely deserves at least a 4 out of 5 on the "current score" on the left of this review! :)